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The Most Important Things You Should Know About Your Brain

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Move to make your brain work better

The human body is not designed for prolonged sitting. For our brains to function well, we need to move. And scientific evidence supports a relationship between physical and mental activity.

Your body is not adapted to long-term stress

This stress makes you dumber and more painful. In modern conditions, a person is concerned with many problems that he cannot solve quickly – mortgage debt, child’s poor performance at school, family quarrels, work deadlines. As a result, his body is exposed to prolonged exposure to stress hormones. And this has a negative impact on health and reduces brain performance.

You cannot ignore your need for sleep without consequences for the body.

But this need is different for different people. Sleep is very important for the mental and physical condition of every person. Even a slight lack of sleep will reduce your performance, memory, mood, thinking. However, too much sleep is also harmful.

Use knowledge about the brain for better memorization, assimilation and delivery of information to other people

Knowing how the brain works helps you memorize effectively, learn new things, and communicate your ideas to others.

You were born active and inquisitive

Create an environment conducive to the development of your brain. John Medina calls for a rethinking of the established approach to education as a kind of one-off knowledge base. From this, interest and desire to learn new things are lost. As the author notes, children are not a blank slate. We are born with an ineradicable desire to explore, taste, and experience.

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