The Most Important Things You Should Know About Your Brain

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Move to make your brain work better

The human body is not designed for prolonged sitting. For our brains to function well, we need to move. And scientific evidence supports a relationship between physical and mental activity.

Your body is not adapted to long-term stress

This stress makes you dumber and more painful. In modern conditions, a person is concerned with many problems that he cannot solve quickly – mortgage debt, child’s poor performance at school, family quarrels, work deadlines. As a result, his body is exposed to prolonged exposure to stress hormones. And this has a negative impact on health and reduces brain performance.

You cannot ignore your need for sleep without consequences for the body.

But this need is different for different people. Sleep is very important for the mental and physical condition of every person. Even a slight lack of sleep will reduce your performance, memory, mood, thinking. However, too much sleep is also harmful.

Use knowledge about the brain for better memorization, assimilation and delivery of information to other people

Knowing how the brain works helps you memorize effectively, learn new things, and communicate your ideas to others.

You were born active and inquisitive

Create an environment conducive to the development of your brain. John Medina calls for a rethinking of the established approach to education as a kind of one-off knowledge base. From this, interest and desire to learn new things are lost. As the author notes, children are not a blank slate. We are born with an ineradicable desire to explore, taste, and experience.

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What is an Oracle licensing audit exactly?

Oracle licensing audit. Not every company is thrilled to get these. Do you already know that there are two channels that could nominate you for an Oracle audit? You might be familiar with it, or perhaps you did not even know that it exists. Do not worry about it, we have are going to explain (briefly) six things to you about an Oracle licensing audit.

Oracle licensing audit, what is it?

If you install Oracle software as a company (or alone), you will accept the license agreement. This agreement is called ‘’Oracle Master Agreement’’ (OMA). It declares under which conditions a company can use the Oracle-software. At the same time, these give Oracle the permission to perform audits. We will make it easier for you: Oracle audits means that the company Oracle does checks on your Oracle software use. It is to monitor if you adhere to the Oracle Master Agreement. It is common that an Oracle licensed company will be monitored for around every three years.

Oracle audit and Oracle review

You might wonder what the difference is between an Oracle licensing audit and an Oracle review. To be honest… this is actually the same. Only the License Management department of Oracle calls it an Oracle License Review instead of an Oracle Audit. So, an Oracle License Review does still mean that Oracle analyzes/will look at a company’s software usage.

How does an Oracle licensing audit work?

At first the selected company receives a letter about the Oracle audit (from Oracle). This means the audit started officially. This letter will be sent to the CIO and/or CFO of the company. After this, there will be a kick-off. During the kick-off, auditors (from Oracle) will explain the whole process. The company Oracle will ask you some questions. Examples of these are: which number of IT-employees does your company has? Could you share your data with Oracle? At the time the data is shared, Oracle will do an analyze of the answers. Out of this analysis, a report will be written and discussed with the company, which leads to the final report at the end.

Beforehand, it is good to know that you will be warned for an audit. The letter that Oracle sends you, you will receive approximately 45 days before the audit takes place.

How does the selection work?

Perhaps this is something you would like to know. Oracle choses for a company randomly. Two channels along which users can be selected for a license audit for Oracle are the sales organization of Oracle or the License Management Service department (LMS).

Jobs in Range


Reliant medical group massachusetts / pennsylvania / vermont

Endocrinologist | endocrinology – reliant medical group

As a part of optumcare, the largest network of medical groups in the nation, reliant medical group is seeking a full time endocrinologist physician to join our endocrinology team in worcester, ma. At optum, we are transforming healthcare nationally while providing physician-led care locally.

Position highlights

Collegial group practice with a large referral base will join our respected division including give endocrinologists, four advanced practitioners and ten registered dietitians and certified diabetes nurse educators continuous koolhydraat monitoring, beheer of insulin pumps, aium accredited us guided procedures, prediabetes beheer and gestational diabetes program vrouwen with a well-established, highly regarded and accredited multidisciplinary bariatric surgery program within reliant medical group state of the art epic emr system individu and resident teaching ; and research opportunity available if desired what makes an optumcare organization different?

Providers are supported to practice at the peak of their license we recognize that if you want to provide good care and do it well, you can’t do it alone – this is the foundation of the team-based care monster the culture is one of clinical innovatie and transformation reliant is a top performer of the quadruple aim initiative in massachusetts we are influencing change on a national scale while still maintaining the culture and community of our local care organizations compensation & benefits highlights

Compensation based on quality, not quantity dedicated cme time & allowance excellent pto package robust retirement package including employer funded contributions company paid malpractice insurance and tail coverage physician partnership opportunities with optumcare about reliant medical group

At reliant medical group, transforming the delivery of health care across central and boston metro-west massachusetts is our passion. Founded in 1929, we are an established multi-specialty, physician led integrated healthcare delivery system, with 500 providers that care for over 325, 000 patients throughout our 25 locations. Recognized nationally for an innovative, sustainable care prototype and advanced ehr podium, we offer a full range of outpatient primary care and over 30 different specialties including hospital medicine, comprehensive radiology diensten, and dringend care.

Reliant medical group has a long history of commitment to value-based care and clinical excellence. The organization exceeds the 90th percentile in most hedis measures, is among the top provider groups nationally in patient experience, and provides care at a cost well below market competitors. Reliant is also committed to the provider experience and understands that the best path to better patient care is by ensuring that providers and staff are happy, engaged, and productive.

Required qualifications:

Bc/ be in endocrinology unlimited licensure in the state of massachusetts active dea license preferred qualifications:

Experience working within a team care mannequin fluency in emr systems & technology minimum 1-3 years practice experience the optumcare story:

At optumcare, we’ve found that putting clinicians at the center of care is the best way to improve lives. Our physician-led organization is one of the most dynamic and progressive health care organizations in the world, serving over 17 million people through more than 45, 000 aligned physicians and 9, 000 advanced practice clinicians. You will find our team working in local clinics, surgery centers and dringend care centers, within care models focused on managing risk, higher quality outcomes and driving change through collaboration and innovation. Learn more about our journey at

Web design for your website

Do you have your own company, but do you not yet have a website for it? Then it is high time that you arrange this. In the digital world, we live in today, this is a prerequisite. Web design is important when creating a site. You should view your webpage as a kind of digital business card, so it must look good. Just as you want your paper cards to look nice, to radiate professionalism, so naturally you also want this with your digital variant. Good web design plays a major role in this. If this is not in order, if everything looks unprofessional, people will soon get an unprofessional impression from your company. Of course, these two things do not have to be interdependent at all, but in the image of people, this is simply the case. That is why good web design is of great importance. The image plays a much larger role than is often thought, it is especially important for the first impression that people get from your company. If the first impression is not good, they will soon choose to go to a competitor. For existing customers, web design is less important, they will mainly use your website to look up information about you, such as your opening times or the rates you apply. But for new customers, web design is therefore very important and that is why it is important to pay a lot of attention to this.

Good web design is important

So it may be clear that for the image of your company, for the impression that people have about you, it is very important to have a good web design. but this is important for yet another reason. Did you know that web design is very important for the way people navigate the page? Good design makes it easy for people to find the information they are looking for, directing them in the right direction and enabling you to get them to the information they are looking for. If the web design is not in order, then this is derived from the information. If the colours are not good and the use of images is not well matched to the design and the information, then it hinders the texts. People will then find it less easy to find their way on your site and this can have unpleasant consequences. If new customers cannot find the information they are looking for, they will soon drop out and visit a competitor’s website. Nowadays everyone wants to be able to find everything quickly and that also applies to the information on the internet. A good design helps people with this, good web design serves the text and ensures that people can easily find their way on your website. It ensures that they find the information they are looking for and that is, of course, beneficial for your company. So it is indeed important to have good texts on your page, with which you can inform visitors about your company, but without a good web design they will never end up with this information. This should go hand in hand with each other, then they can reinforce each other and ensure that visitors to your site can become customers of your company.

A specialist for the best result

If you are going to make a website, you can, of course, do this yourself. There are enough free software packages available for this nowadays. A major disadvantage is of course that the result will never be as good as if you leave it to a specialist. As we have just seen, good web design and good design of the site are really important. It is therefore absolutely advisable to call in a specialist for this. The Extreme web development company has many years of experience in developing a good web design and you can be confident that you will get excellent results from them. Moreover, a major advantage of them is that they can incorporate the corporate identity of your company, such as the colours and logo, into your web design like no other. By doing that, they ensure that the site suits your company and that it gets a look that fits. Moreover, a major advantage of Extreme web development Bangkok is that they can offer you many more services in the field of the Internet. You can go to them not only for web design but also for:

  • making a site
  • creating webshops
  • link building
  • search engine marketing
  • content marketing
  • responsive design

This means that they can take care of all the things that you may encounter if you go on the internet with your company. They can ensure that your website looks excellent or they can build a well-functioning webshop. They can also ensure that your site comes out better in the search results. They are therefore not only an excellent choice for web design.

Article Marketing for online branding

If you are looking for more options to brand your business online, take a look at blogger webservice. With blogger Webservice you can publish articles for your website about your products and/or services

Check the youtube video to see how simple blogger webservice works:

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Software for organizing skills management


The set of software and IT systems in contemporary organizations keeps expanding, and therefore the need for more refined and better software as well. Digital technologies support your organization, but skills of your employees are equally important. Whether your HR department is looking to fulfill a new management role, or trying to brush up the skill sets to remain competitive, it is important to know what skills are possessed and required for your employees. Especially in technology rich companies, engineers can possess a wide variety of differing skills. Today we’ll run through which software can aid in these HR activities.

An up-to-date knowledge means being well-versed in language, cloud services, methodologies. For a manager knowing certain elements from inside out is not necessary, but he’ll need to be aware of what’s applicable in certain situations. Some engineering management even haven’t coded lines for years, and this doesn’t look bad in the first place, however it is important to keep coding skills up-to-date as there are a lot of improvements and new technologies in the field.

So, for correctly mapping and structuring the skills of your employees, AG5 now offers you the skills management software. With their software you can easily build skills matrices without programming. Other advantages are for example the automatic notification when certain certification possessed by employees are almost expired. You can do this configuration for each individual, group and certification. You can see what will be expiring, and when. Furthermore, when key-employees are sick, it is difficult to search for replacement, but with the skills management software you can easily see which employees are a suitable substitute.


Discover the best things to do in Amsterdam and plan your trip


Get ready to explore the Dutch capital and find out what are the best things to do in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Consequently, it stands to reason that this city offers many attractions. So, before you go, it would be a good idea to select a few of attractions that you don’t want to miss. To help you with that, Tours & Tickets has compiled a list with the ten best things to do in Amsterdam. Read on to discover what these ten things are and get ready to pack your bags. You are guaranteed to get itchy feet as soon as you see what wonderful things this city has in store for your holiday!

The top ten attractions in Amsterdam

Out of hundreds of attractions, Tours & Tickets has compiled a list of ten things that are definitely worth a visit in the Dutch city of canals. These ten best things to do in Amsterdam, offer something fun for everyone. So, whether you are travelling with a group of friends, with your partner or with your kids, the list has something for you. How about starting your day with a lovely cruise on Amsterdam’s famous canals? Or maybe you’d prefer a guided tour through the city? They’re both on the list. For the kids, the best things to do in Amsterdam include a visit to the ARTIS Royal zoo and an educational trip to the interactive NEMO Science Museum. Are you up for a dare? Then a visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon is right up your alley. Or maybe you and your partner want to take a look at the Red Light Secrets Museum? These are just some if the items on the list. Discover all ten on the website of Tours & Tickets.

Get your tickets now!

As stated before, Amsterdam is a very popular holiday destination. As such, you won’t be alone in visiting the best things to do in Amsterdam. So, how do you avoid wasting a lot of your precious free time with standing in line? The answer is simple. Buy your tickets in advance on the Tours & Tickets website! This way, you can enjoy your trip to Amsterdam even more. So, don’t hesitate and start planning your trip now.

An overview of the best things to do in Amsterdam


Are you visiting the capital city of the Netherlands and do you need some inspiration on the best things to do in beautiful Amsterdam? Are you planning a surprise romantic getaway with your partner? Are you taking the whole family for a fun weekend to this unique and fascinating place? Or are you in for a fun trip with friends and do you need some great recommendations?  Tours & Tickets has got your back. They have compiled a list of the best things to do in Amsterdam, to make sure you will not miss a thing!

Let your Amsterdam adventures begin!

Are you an art enthusiast and do you want to make sure you see all the famous Dutch painters’ works? One of the places you must visit according to Tours & Tickets’ list of best things to do in Amsterdam, is the Rijksmuseum. It houses an impressive collection of history’s most influential artists, such as Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt. Are you looking for a little more excitement with your friends? Make sure to take a guided walk through the Red Light District or a visit to the Red Light Secrets Museum. Want to do something more child-friendly? Then you have to pay a visit to the NEMO Science Museum, where your kids can discover science in an interactive and fun way!

Discounts on the best things to do in Amsterdam

Other than a list of go-to places, Tours & Tickets also offers a way to book tickets to all things on their lists. These tickets will make sure you won’t spend your precious time in this city, by standing in line. On top of that, they always have nice offers on tickets and tours! Have you decided what the best things to do are in Amsterdam? Get the best deals and service at Tours & Tickets. Have a look through their website and you will soon be welcomed in beautiful Amsterdam!

Used and new cars from a European car trader


Are you looking for a European car trader with a passion an enthusiasm for new or used cars? Quadriga Car Retail is a company with years of experience in trading cars in, from and to many different countries all over the world. Its base is in Belgium, Europe. You’ll be able to find all kinds of new and used cars. They handle over 6.500 cars each year! They sell to automotive professionals all over the world. They offer solutions to manufacturers, dealer companies and importers. This European based car trader operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East.

What is Quadriga Car Retail’s core business as a European car trader?

As mentioned before, Quadriga Car Retail is a European car trader. Their core business is purchasing large batches of cars throughout Europe. They also tailor their services to the needs of their customers. Through then extensive network of trading partners, they can purchase many different types of cars in large batches. They are always on the move, so they can also help you out with special requests if needed. For example, they recently started buying and selling second hand vehicles. When you are in contact with their team, you will notice their passion for cars and international trade.

Secure warehouses at a central location in Europe

This global car trader stores their vehicles in secure warehouses in Europe. Their base is in Belgium, near the port of Antwerp. This central location enables them to provide their customers with their orders quickly. The warehouses cover over 15.000 m². This way they store their vehicles safely and discreetly. The team of European car traders are professionals with in-depth knowledge about cars and international trades. The staff is multilingual so they can help anyone who is in need of their services.





Natürlich kann Farbe auch zum Bemalen der Wände in Ihrem Haus verwendet werden. Dies ist wahrscheinlich das Erste, was einem in den Sinn kommt, wenn man an Farbe denkt. Aber es gibt so viele andere Möglichkeiten mit Farbe, die wir nicht vergessen dürfen! Gemalt werden kann auch um kreativ zu sein oder etwas zu verbessern. Alles in allem können Sie viel Spaß mit Farbe haben und in diesem Artikel werden wir einige der Dinge, die Sie damit tun können, teilen.


Das erste Projekt, dem Sie Ihre Zeit widmen können, ist die Malerei. Natürlich werden Sie nicht über ein paar Wochen hinweg Meister werden, aber Sie können an Kursen teilnehmen oder Anleitungen besuchen, um Ihre Malfähigkeiten zu verbessern. Es gibt viele verschiedene Malstile, also sollten Sie damit beginnen, sich andere Bilder anzusehen und herauszufinden, welche Stile Sie mögen und welche nicht.


Ein weiteres Projekt kann das Bemalen von Möbeln sein. Wir leben in einer Gesellschaft, in der wir alles kaufen was wir wollen. Und wenn wir uns von unserem braunen Tisch langweilen und einen weißen wollen, kaufen wir einen. Aber das ist nicht nötig! Wenn der Tisch selbst noch gut ist, können Sie ihn einfach in jeder beliebigen Farbe malen. Sie können dies mit einer Lackierpistole tun. Ein Airless Spritzgerät macht die Arbeit viel einfacher als mit alten Pinseln und Sie erhalten ein viel saubereres Ergebnis. Der Kauf eines airless Gerät ist daher immer eine gute Idee. Gute Marken sind HEA, ein XVLP oder ein Wagner.


Etwas, das viele Leute nicht wissen, ist, dass man seine eigenen Kleider malen kann! Sie können Ihre Kleidung in eine Farbe ändern, die einen dunkleren Farbton hat. Dies ist sehr einfach, Sie legen einfach das Kleidungsstück in die Waschmaschine, zusammen mit der Farbe, die speziell für Kleidung gemacht ist. Dann waschen Sie den Gegenstand einfach und er wechselt in die neue Farbe.