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What is an Oracle licensing audit exactly?

Oracle licensing audit. Not every company is thrilled to get these. Do you already know that there are two channels that could nominate you for an Oracle audit? You might be familiar with it, or perhaps you did not even know that it exists. Do not worry about it, we have are going to explain (briefly) six things to you about an Oracle licensing audit.

Oracle licensing audit, what is it?

If you install Oracle software as a company (or alone), you will accept the license agreement. This agreement is called ‘’Oracle Master Agreement’’ (OMA). It declares under which conditions a company can use the Oracle-software. At the same time, these give Oracle the permission to perform audits. We will make it easier for you: Oracle audits means that the company Oracle does checks on your Oracle software use. It is to monitor if you adhere to the Oracle Master Agreement. It is common that an Oracle licensed company will be monitored for around every three years.

Oracle audit and Oracle review

You might wonder what the difference is between an Oracle licensing audit and an Oracle review. To be honest… this is actually the same. Only the License Management department of Oracle calls it an Oracle License Review instead of an Oracle Audit. So, an Oracle License Review does still mean that Oracle analyzes/will look at a company’s software usage.

How does an Oracle licensing audit work?

At first the selected company receives a letter about the Oracle audit (from Oracle). This means the audit started officially. This letter will be sent to the CIO and/or CFO of the company. After this, there will be a kick-off. During the kick-off, auditors (from Oracle) will explain the whole process. The company Oracle will ask you some questions. Examples of these are: which number of IT-employees does your company has? Could you share your data with Oracle? At the time the data is shared, Oracle will do an analyze of the answers. Out of this analysis, a report will be written and discussed with the company, which leads to the final report at the end.

Beforehand, it is good to know that you will be warned for an audit. The letter that Oracle sends you, you will receive approximately 45 days before the audit takes place.

How does the selection work?

Perhaps this is something you would like to know. Oracle choses for a company randomly. Two channels along which users can be selected for a license audit for Oracle are the sales organization of Oracle or the License Management Service department (LMS).