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The solution to reduce vibrations is a tuned liquid damper

If you are looking for a company that manufactures and installs dampening systems to slender structures, Flow Engineering is the right company for you. These experts have over 20 years of experience in installing these kinds of systems to fragile constructions all over the world. Is your project still in its design phase and do you want to check if there might be any dynamic problems in the structure? This company will gladly check and evaluate your design. Simply reach out to the company to find out what they can do for your project.

You can use these dampening systems in various situations

The tuned liquid damper is an ideal system that will decrease vibrations in slim constructions caused by natural influences. other than reducing vibrations, the system can also be used to prevent damage from fatigue in slender buildings or constructions. The container of the tuned liquid damper, which is partially filled with a mixture of water and glycol, will fluctuate either horizontally or vertically in the opposite direction of crosswinds or waves. Another system, which is a more commonly used one than the tuned liquid damper system, is the tuned mass damper. This mechanical device will remove excessive movements of a slender construction, when properly designed. When a structure starts to oscillate, the mass in the tuned mass damper will resonate with the vibration and thus dampers the vibrations.

Learn more about the different kinds of dampening systems

Would you like to know more about the dampening systems that Flow Engineering provides? Or do you want the company to analyze a situation and find the right solution for you? Do not hesitate to contact the professionals to ask your questions. You can find the contact details on their website. The specialists are happy to tell you about the possibilities that they offer and help you to find a fitting solution.