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Top Five Free Keyword Tools


Top Five Free Keyword Tools written by: Jason Boothe Keyword research is the main core of every PPC, SEO, or content marketing campaign. It is important to try and bid on or use the right keywords so as to give the right content to the right audience at the right stage in the buyer’s journey. Keyword tools are vital in this process and help researchers build profitable online market campaigns and also give them a slight advantage over their competition. Below are the top five free keyword tools available for use today. Get here more information about SEO tools.

1. Google.

Google normally offers a number of keyword research tools. The most and popular way to get long keywords is probably Google Suggest. This is when the drop down menu opens up after typing single words or letters into the search bar. The order in which terms are arranged is normally determined by using a variety of information in order to decide the most probable query which the user wants to see. Hence the tool can be used to provide insight on potential keywords.

Google Trends is another research tool provided by Google which visualizes the growth of interest for certain terms over time. it also goes on to display regional interests and can identify searches related to the general topic as well as queries which are specified.

Google Ad-words is also another Google research tool that offers more detailed insight into search volumes. This kind of information is especially important when looking at analysis on competitors for particular search queries.

It’s normally a good idea to double check keywords that are derived from Google suggest with the keyword planner so as to filter search terms that are in high demand with the lowest competition possible.

2. Keyword Eye.

This is a tool that was designed so as to help researchers in their search for various keywords. It comes with a free plan available which includes 10 keyword searches per day, 100 suggestions on keywords per report, and 25 Google country keyword databases. Upon completing registration, you can further specify your keyword research having options on; whether you’d like to receive suggestions on keywords that relate to a primary keyword, whether you’d like to get search engine data for various specified keywords, or whether you’d like to search via auto-suggest.

3. Ubersuggest.

Another online keyword research tools which operates simply by choosing a keyword, a language, a source then proceeding by selecting suggest. The tool can also go on to extract suggestions for the word or term in search. Other suggestions are available for some keywords which are displayed with a click on the word that corresponds with it. A plus sign gives you the option to add keywords to your list and then export through copy and paste.

4. SEO Book.

This is an online keyword tool that offers suggestions on daily search volumes on markets based on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search networks for each keywords and also goes on to provide SEA metrics like CPC and monthly values. In order to make use of this online tool, you have to first complete a free registration process.

5. Wordtracker.

This online research tool has a nice and clean start page that clearly focuses on starting with research on your keyword. After you enter the keyword of your choice, you will then get the 10 related keywords which have the highest search volume. Continuing your research from there will make Wordtracker display the competition for these same keywords and goes on to further calculate the Key Efficiency Index, which is a metric that is based on the relation between search volumes and competition for keywords. This metric normally shows you the highest keyword potential.