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Fun and interesting things to do in London

Fun and interesting things to do in London

London is an incredibly popular and touristic city, so it’s understandable if you want to go but not to the places that are always so hyped up by people who probably (most likely) have never even been there. If you are interested in visiting London for a day, book your day room with Getadayroom and take this blog post with you. You definitely won’t have the cookie-cutter perfect day doing the typical tourist London things, but you will definitely have fun.

  1. Have a zoo sleepover!

You heard that right. You have the rare opportunity to sleep next to lions, monkeys, and more at the London Zoo. You can book a lodge as well as get a private tour with exclusive access to the grand animals after hours. This is an incredible experience that will have you feeling like you are in the movie Tarzan or the Jungle Book.

  1. Visit a small known island and explore

In between Putney and Hampton Court, there are many things that can catch you pretty off guard, one of which are the different little islands you can find along the watercourse. The most well known of the lesser known islands in that location is Eel Pie island, which is also the biggest one. It’s a pretty artsy island as back in the 1960s it was famous for having many blues concerts. Nowadays, it has a nature reserve as well as studios for different artists.

  1. Cruise down the white water rapids

If you are an adrenaline junkie you would love this activity. Back in 2012, these rapids were shown in the 2012 London Olympic Games but are now open for the public to try out. This will be an exciting experience filled with action and maybe a little bit of fear.

  1. Visit a neon gallery

The neon artist Chris Bracey showcases his very bright and beautiful collection of work in Walthamstow at a salvage yard. There are many different pretty neon art works that will surely brighten your night. You can take as many pictures or selfies as you please and you can even get some food and beverages at the nearby Rolling Scones cafe.